Every day I wake up and it seems like I go on about my day the same way. I get up at the same time & start getting ready for work. I take the dog out for a walk, when he is done with his business & I get back to the house I can start to focus on getting myself ready for the day. It all starts out with a bite to eat. There is no replacement for a good breakfast. After I have finished eating I clean up my dishes and put them into the dishwasher. When this is all done I will begin to get dressed. I start this with a shower. I love my shower in the morning and it seems like my day does not really get started until it is over with. My morning shower really allows my mind to wander, I contemplate all sorts of things.

How do giraffes fight one another? Are ants territorial? As of late I have had the legalization of marijuana on my mind. I do not know why but I just have so many questions… So many politics, so many doctors talking about it’s medical benefits, meanwhile I’m wondering if the spelling is marijauna or marihuana? I suppose it probably depends on the source.  My most recent thoughts have turned to motor vehicle injury lawyers and what role they play for victims of car accidents. The discussion in my mind involves when does one sue or just follow through with the insurance claim after a car accident. OK so let’s say I was recently involved in an auto accident. How do I know if I have valid claim? Is it even worthwhile suing the other driver? Is this when I should contact a car accident lawyer to discuss my situation.What are the factors that determine when I should just file a claim with my car insurance company? What are the differences between having an accident in a “no fault” state versus a “fault” state? What should I do if the other involved driver was uninsured or under insured? Argh! I’m already overwhelmed and I’m still in the shower. I think I will put those questions away for now.

So once I spend some time just letting my mind wander, I make sure I have cleaned behind my ears and washed my hair I feel much more prepared to face the challenges of a long day. After I dry off, I brush my teeth and comb my hair. Then I slip into the outfit that I plan on wearing. I try to put off a good image when I am dressed. I am a professional who works in an office so I must dress the part.

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