After I am fully dressed, I splash on some cologne to ensure I smell nice after which I turn on the morning news for just a few minutes. I like to try to catch the local news at the very least. I think it is very important to stay in touch with the times.

On this particular day I am pleasantly aware of the cz gift I gave myself – my new cubic zirconia rings. I spent several hours in my fav online store comparing cz ring styles and thinking about how those styles play out with my other accessories. What I love about my new rings is that the cubic zirconia looks exactly like diamonds, but much more affordable, which is why I could afford 2 different designs. My new routine involves taking them into account and sometimes removing them while washing my hands. Getting into a routine helps me move more quickly and is comforting by itself.

Once, I am fully prepared I head out. At this point my day really begins. Most people don’t live far from their office but I, on the other hand, do. I have to commute for about 45 minutes everyday each way, to and from, the office. This is no problem because I need the time to mentally prepare myself for work any way. The problem arises when I hit the freeway really. There is a lot of traffic at rush hour and unfortunately I have to travel right at that time. It seems like every day there are more and more people who should not be driving on the road. How do all of these people get their licenses? Are they giving these things out in crackerjack boxes? I had to take a test when I applied for a license and I wonder if some of these people had the same experience. Once I battle my way through the traffic and arrive to work, my day seems to settle down a bit. I park in the same spot everyday so I don’t have to worry about looking and that is always nice.

Once I arrive at the office I always have some time to spare unless there was a serious accident on the freeway. I always leave with plenty of time to spare because I hate feeling like I am late to work. I enjoy having time to get a cup of coffee and have a conversation with some of my co workers. I try to stop by the desk of my buddy Angie Kotsis on the way to cubicle, even if I do not have enough time to mingle with everyone else. She and I head out back for a quick smoke before we face the grueling day. We’ve known each other since grade school. In fact all of our elementary, middle, and high school friends who now work in the US stay in touch with everyone back home via Twitter, Facebook, and She mentions that she is going to return to Australia in another month or so, to stay with her aunt for awhile. Did I remember dear auntie?I sure do. She is well known back home for not only her humanitarian causes, but also the fabulous garden she has nurtured on her Sydney property. Every year there is a Sydney garden tour that includes her aunt’s garden.

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