Occasionally Angie and I would visit her for tea and then take a tour of her gardens. The news is unsettling. Well, I will miss Angie and our morning smokes. We should probably belong to “Smokers Anonymous” considering our smoking habits. It’s probably not true, but smoking seems to always calms my nerves a bit and clears my mind in order to prepare for my day. After my morning smoke I stop by the rest room to make a quick stop before I sit down & get to work.

I write computer program for a living. It is usually pretty boring. There are not a lot of eventful days. I basically sit around typing out code hour after hour. It is nice to get that first break of the day. By then I am ready for another smoke. I pick Jim up at his desk & we head outside. We usually just chit chat during break as they are not very long & it is nice to just clear your mind for a few minutes to break up the monotony. After break we head inside for some more work, this is some dull stuff but lunch does not take long to roll around. We always grab some fast food to eat & we go through the drive-thru. We eat at lunch because one of us will have a hackie sack & there is usually a game to be played. This is nice because it is pretty my only exercise & I am getting older so I need it. If you have never played hackie sack before, you simply must try it. It works you out like nobodies business & you have a great time doing it.

After lunch it is back to more programming. I used to think I would like the job because of the exact same reasons I finds myself loathing it currently. Sometimes I wonder if it is not too late to change directions & find something new but I make good money so I don’t look too hard. My days seem to fly by & I enjoy the people as well as the many benefits of doing what I do. I had to go to school but really I was always talented in the field. I am pretty good at video games & always had a knack for computers in general. It is not always bad. When we have a new release & we get to see a finished product, I think what we accomplish as a team is amazing but day to day the excitement is lacking. All that aside, we move ahead at a steady pace from day to day. It seems like we are doing what needs to be done for now. Until that changes we’ll keep it up.